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Michael K. Kim, M.D., F.A.C.S. Surgical Director, OC ENT SINUS & Associates.

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After Your Surgery

  • You may not drive yourself home after surgery. A family member or friend must drive you home.
  • You will stay at the hospital or surgery center for approximately 2 to 3 hours after the surgery is completed. Please have your family member or friend be prepared to stay at the center during surgery. This will allow the physician to see this person if desired.
  • Eat a light diet for the first 24 hours after surgery. It is advisable that you have a reasonable adult with you for at least 12 hours after you arrive home. (It may be longer if recommended by Dr. Kim).
  • Follow any specific home care instructions you receive after your surgery.
  • The Medical staff will discharge you when they are assured you are in stable condition. However, you could still feel sleepy, slightly dizzy, or nauseated. These are normal side effects of anesthesia and can last for 12-24 hours.
  • Wait at least 24 hours after you arrive at home to drive, operate equipment, or take previously prescribed medications.
  • Do not drink alcoholic bevarages.
  • After 12 to 24 hour: If any problems occur after you are at home, you should contact our office immediately at 562-430-6065.

Post Operative Instructions

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